Red Flags

Human trafficking has many faces. Most of the time, it is hidden in plain sight.

  • The perp could be female or the victim male. But we will use the most common example of male perp and female victim.
  • One red flag doesn't mean someone is being trafficked. But seeing three or more of these signs just might be significant.
  • Be on the lookout for the following signs.


Recognize the Signs
Rebecca Bender Initiative
STOP Human Trafficking Community Forum Series, hosted by SI/Raleigh

Many times traffickers will pose as a boyfriend or fiance'. He will 'date' his victim for several months as he is grooming her for the sex industry. Read about some of the tactics from the lips of abusers themselves (powerful and telling):

Here are some common indicators that you, your loved one, or friend's 'boyfriend' may be a pimp.

Here are some indicators that you or someone you know is being trafficked:

Here are some indicators that trafficking may be happening in your neighborhood: