How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved:

Pray. Become CDM's prayer partner (see Prayer and Intercession). In general, pray for God to abolish slavery by sending warriors out into the field. Pray for strategies, wisdom, protection, and resources for providers, more people rescued, and healing, complete restoration, and justice for the victims.

Educate Yourself. We have provided several pages of information on human trafficking so you can learn more and get connected.

Stay Alert. Know the red flags. If you think you see any evidence of human trafficking, contact local law enforcement in that area or the National Trafficking Hotline 1-888-3737-888.

Talk About it With Everyone. We find that many people in the U.S. are not aware that this is happening in their own back yard. Share what you are learning about human trafficking with your family, friends, church family, schoolmates, and colleagues.

Host an Awareness Event. It can be as big or as small as you'd like. Something is a whole lot better than nothing! You can integrate some sort of awareness activity during birthday parties, benefit concerts, direct-sales home parties, a mixer, or Sunday School classes for example.

Request a Speaker. We would love to come and share our story with your small group, church, or organization. Request a speaker here.

Contribute. Give of your time, money, resources, spiritual gifts, and / or talents fight human trafficking.

Write to a Government Official. Contact your state governor, legislators, and attorney general to let them know that you support: tough legislature against perpetrators; more funding for services and support for victims; and zero tolerance for human trafficking!

Fair Trade Certified

Fair TradeSupport Fair Trade Initiatives. Fair Trade = No Slavery! Look for labels on purchases to ensure no labor trafficking occurred!

Partner With Local Abolition Groups. Discover local abolition groups in your area and connect with them (some suggestions). If you live in Moore County, NC and are interested in partnering with CDM, check out our Volunteer page for more information. There are many ways to get plugged in and be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Support Survivor-Owned Businesses. As these men and women begin to leave the industry and follow their dreams, they will need mentors, donors, sponsors, and customers. Will you be willing to help them in their journey? For more information, go here.

Employ a Survivor. Trying to come out of the sex industry (strip clubs, porn, prostitution / trafficking) and go into mainstream corporate America can be extremely challenging for many reasons - resume and job history, judgmental attitudes, possible PTSD or substance abuse to name a few. Would you be willing to extend grace and take a chance? For more information, go to the Helping Hands tab.