Changing Destinies Helping Hands

The sex industry is a cruel master. Sometimes people are forced or tricked by a calculating, manipulative trafficker.

Past hurts are exploited. Getting out is challenging. The pull is very strong. Many come back after getting out because other pursuits didn’t pan out.

The problem with staying is the lack of security for the future. There is no insurance, upward mobility, or workers compensation. It’s an industry where men and women ‘age out’ and are thrown away like a piece of trash.

We want to connect survivors with Christian mentors, business owners, financiers, career counselors, and sponsors. We want to show how an initial pay cut is all worth it if their chosen career path is promising. We want to monopolize on dreams and talents they may not have explored due to fear or past failure.

The program is still in its infancy stage with a lot of room for growth. Contact us with your ideas. If interested, please review Volunteer Criteria and fill out Volunteer Application.