CDM Board of Directors

Chairman - Carl R. Durham

Carl is retired after 38-years in the nuclear industry with Babcock and Wilcox/ BWXT Technologies. He was in various levels of management for 32-years at several locations. At the time of his retirement he was President of American Centrifuge Manufacturing, a joint venture with two companies that was in charge of a $1.4 billion project at multiple sites. He helped develop long range business plans to insure the success of the company. He has previously served as Chairman of the Board of another non-profit organization. Carl has a degree in Engineering Operations from N.C. State University.

Vice Chairman – Charles Campbell II

Charles is a native of North Carolina and Moore County. With 24-years of Law Enforcement experience, Charles has served in various capacities within the profession and has over 20-years of Supervisory, Command, and Executive level experience. In 2012, Charles was appointed to serve as a member of the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission. From 2014-2017, Charles served as the Chair of the commission appointed by Governor Pat McCrory. Charles earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Charles believes that every victim, regardless of circumstance, deserves the chance to live an abundant and victim free life.

President / Executive Director – Kym Nixon

Kym co-founded Changing Destinies Ministry in January 2013. Her work history consists of 24-years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and an instructor for 11-years at two Naval training facilities. After retirement, she was then employed by the Army as a contract instructor for eight years. She has an M.Ed in e-learning Technology and Design from Jones International University. As the mother of a trafficking survivor, she brings personal experience and insights to the organization.

Secretary – Position open.

Treasurer – Jamila Baker

Mila has extensive background in the financial industry. For the last decade, she has served as a Financial Wellness Consultant in her community promoting financial wellness programs and financial education. She is also a survivor of domestic violence and addiction, which has given her a passion to help others.

Board Member – Brooke Autry

Brooke is an entrepreneur who, with her husband, runs a very successful ETSY wood burning business personalizing novelty items. She is the mother of three daughters, the youngest being special needs. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she brings wisdom gleaned from personal experience to guide organizational policies and procedures.

Board Member – Mamie LeGrand

Mamie has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications, with a minor in Business Administration from the University of NC at Pembroke. She has twenty plus years of management experience in the non-profit arena. Mamie is the Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator/Housing Specialist Self-Sufficiency Coordinator with Sandhills Community Action Program, Inc. She links families with affordable housing, resources and services that empower self-sufficiency. With a heart to serve, she leads a prayer team at Grace Church and is also a team leader for 4-H (Dare to be Different) youth group.

Board Member – Kathy Newcomb

Kathy has a B.S. in math and education along with a Masters in Psychology and Philosophy -Critical and Creative Thinking. She spent 15-years in education as a teacher and an administrator. She then opened her own business as an Interior Designer. Kathy analyzed her clients’ needs, creating plans and specifications in accordance with the timeline and budget. Kathy grew up in the Boston area, moved to Florida, and then had extensive travels as she went with her husband to Singapore and Hong Kong for four years. Today, Kathy is very active in the community participating in many organizations with various responsibilities helping to make the world a blessing for all. She is currently serving as CDM's Fund Raising and Development Director.