CHRIST-CENTERED. We exist to serve the Lord.

LOVE. We will LOVE the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and strength.

VISION. Everything we do must be INSPIRED and BLESSED by Him. We will consult with Him at every turn to ensure we are on the right path.

FAITH. We have the utmost FAITH in this calling. With ANTICIPATION and EXPECTATION, we will forge ahead believing He will DIRECT our path. We KNOW that He is central to our mission and will provide for all our needs. We will think BIG, expand boundaries, be BOLD and COURAGEOUS, take chances, and be willing to fail at times KNOWING that ultimately nothing is impossible for our GOD, and He is with us!

UNITY. We will come together as one with a common goal. We will allow for differences in opinion, with the exception of core Christian beliefs listed in our statement of faith, but we will not allow for dissension that creates division and disharmony. All of our actions will be tempered by LOVE for one another.

HUMILITY. With a JOYFUL and THANKFUL heart, we will give all GLORY, PRAISE, and HONOR for our successes to the Lord for He alone is worthy.

Changing Destinies Love
Changing Destinies Prayer
PEOPLE-CENTERED. We exist to serve the people the Lord brings to us. We will show tangible evidence of our LOVE and AFFECTION through our actions.
Faith-Based Community

LOVE. We will LOVE our neighbors as ourselves.

RESPECT. We will ACCEPT all walks of life showing no preference for race, gender, political or denominational views (outside of our statement of faith), personal convictions, or methods of worship.

HONESTY. We will always be FORTHRIGHT with our agenda, avoid sensationalism by not embellishing or padding statistics or re-exploiting the survivors, and be TRANSPARENT and REALISTIC in terms of our assets and abilities.

GRACE. Through PRAYER and PERSONAL REFLECTION, we will call upon the indwelling Holy Spirit to help us be KIND to one another, JOYFUL, LOVING, EMPOWERED, HUMBLE, and PURE in motive.

Survivors of Trafficking

RESPECT. We will ACCEPT all walks of life regardless of gender, creed, religious or political beliefs, sexual preference, attitudes and demeanor, background, or social status.

HONOR. We will HONOR them as a person by always being TRUTHFUL, not spreading rumors or gossip about their situation, always allowing them to make choices about things that will affect them personally, and protecting their dignity by not allowing them to be re-exploited.

GRACE. We will share the Lord and ourselves with them. We will demonstrate by example the transforming POWER of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will call upon the indwelling Holy Spirit to refine us, renew us, and LOVE them through us. We will be KIND, RESPECTFUL, GENEROUS, SENSITIVE, EMPATHETIC, DIRECT, COMPASSIONATE, AFFECTIONATE, and ACCEPTING of them regardless of circumstance.

Changing Destinies Ministry
Changing Destinies Partnership
Other Agencies

PARTNER. We will PARTNER with other agencies, not duplicating services in order to provide a loving and healing environment for the victims.

VALUE. We will VALUE and RESPECT their contribution to healing the victims of human trafficking.